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Policy Repository

Scheduling an event

Our library is a flexible space available for faculty, staff and students to study, to work together, to create, and to relax. Advanced notice for organized events, especially those bringing in food or rearranging furniture, is required to avoid scheduling conflicts and to ensure an enjoyable library experience for all.

The library works best as a space for events where the entire community is invited, and we ask that more private gatherings occur in the lower level of the library, or in team rooms.

To notify library staff of an event, send the following information to

  • Primary event organizer and contact(s)
  • Area of the library to be reserved
  • Date and time of the event
  • When you plan to setup
  • Expected Attendance

Outside of staffed hours, only Olin students and keycard holders may be in the library. When hosting and events outside of normal hours, a Faculty or Staff member must be present at all times.

Setup + Cleanup

The host of an event is responsible for placing any facilities or A/V setup prior to the event and to request prompt clean-up afterwards. Please allocate plenty of time for setup, and notify the library in your email if you need to set up more than 1 hour prior to the start of your event.

The library has the following available for use at any time:

  • Two projectors, one short throw and one standard

  • Two screens

  • Sonos Speakers (for music)

All other A/V needs should be sent to the helpdesk well in advance of your event. Note that the Sonos Speakers are not easy to set up with the projector, so if your guest/speaker has an audio component to a presentation, we recommend submitting a request to the HelpDesk for audio assistance.

The facilities team is available to help rearrange tables, chairs and bookshelves with advance notice. 

Please when making requests to other administrative groups.

Team Rooms

Team rooms are first-come-first-served. Please do not monopolize a team room all day or leave your personal belongings behind.

Quiet Reading Room

During the academic year, the Quiet Reading Room is not available for events. We recognize it’s a pleasant space to congregate,  but it's of utmost importance for our library to provide a first class study environment for the community.

To request the Reading Room during vacations and the summer months, email us for arrangements.