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Policy Repository

General Overview

Currently, only those with Olin ID cards, Olin alumni, and members of schools with whom Olin College has reciprocal agreements (Babson and Wellesley) can check out materials from the Olin College Library. Visitors may use books and most electronic resources within the library during public hours.

Standard Loan Periods

  • Library books and CDs : 4 weeks

  • Movies and DVDs : 3 days

  • Course Reserves: 3 hours

  • Tools + Media Equipment :  24 hours. Use for longer than 1 day requires prior approval, in writing, from library staff. Email to request and confirm.

Power Drills

Power drills and power tools may not be used in the library itself. They are part of the collection to supplement what is available to you in the Academic Center, and for times you may need these tools off-campus. You are required to take, and wear, safety goggles in accordance with  general campus safety policies and best practices.

Off-Campus Media Use

If you plan on taking your camera off-campus you must use a protective case. We have carrying cases for all of the cameras, so please ask for help if you don't see them on the shelf.

Overdue fees are not currently charged.

Inter-library Loan

Items requested and received via ILL are available for pickup in Maggie's office. She will notify you when your items have arrived. Loan periods vary based on the policies of the lending library, so please be mindful of the return date posted on the item tag. We can frequently request renewals but they are not always fulfilled, so be prepared to return items by the due date. We can always request it again from a second library, or, if you feel the book would make a valuable addition to the local collection we are happy to make purchases upon request.

Checkout Procedures

Books, CDs, & DVDs

Tools + Media Equipment

All media equipment should have a barcode and each individual piece has an entry in our library catalog.

Library Tools + Equipment

If you do not see a barcode on an item, please consult a NINJA or librarian before removing the item from the library.

When checking out equipment, please scan each barcode individually. In practice, that means you will checkout a camera body and camera lens, separately. Small items, like lens caps, are not cataloged and therefore do not need to be scanned, however, please be mindful of their whereabouts when using the gear!

There are some exceptions, like the GoPro Kit, that have one barcode for the entire package. When using the GoPro kit, you are responsible for the entire bag, not just the part you want to use.

Statement on SD Cards The library makes limited numbers of SD cards available for student, faculty and staff use, however, we do not make any guarantee that your data will be preserved after you return your equipment to us. You are solely responsible for the preservation of your data. It is our policy to format (ie. delete) SD cards when they are returned. Please be sure to copy your data to a personal hard drive or other cloud storage option before returning your items.