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Academic Publishing and Open Access Support

Scholarly communication refers to the wide network of ways researchers, academics, artists and others create, analyze, disseminate, and preserve their scholarly work. This includes formal channels, like peer-reviewed journal articles and informal channels, like on social media.

The library supports this life cycle in a variety of ways including:

  • Scholarly Publishing - including journal evaluation and selection
  • Understanding Copyright, Fair Use, and licensing options
  • Providing access to research via electronic subscriptions, discovery systems, consultations and instruction
  • Administering the Open Access (OA) Policy and maintaining a repository of scholarly content published by our faculty. 

The OA Policy

The complete policy is linked to below, along with a submission page for the repository.

The faculty adopted what is known as a 'green' OA policy which relies on self-archiving of scholarly work. A common misconception of this type of policy is that you are required to pay exorbitant fees to a publisher in order to publish an 'open' version of your work. That is not the case. What this type of policy requires is that you provide the college with the approved manuscript of published journal articles. If the journal in question does not permit this type of self-archiving, you can obtain a waiver from the Provost.

We are happy to help you walk through this process if you are unfamiliar with it. 

The Association of College and Research Libraries maintains a fantastic overview of Scholarly Communication for those looking to learn more.

Scholarly Communication Toolkit

Four of the most immediately useful resources for those new to open access policies are:

‚ÄčOlin is a member of the Coalition of Open Access Institutions (COAPI)

Faculty Adopted Open Access Policy

Submit to the Repository