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Schedule a meeting with a librarian

We're available for research and project help by appointment. See us in person in the library or email to arrange a time. Typically, reference or research consultations last between 30-60 minutes.

Students! Why should you meet with us? We are specialists in finding information, working with us for this short consultation can help you and your team save time finding resources for your projects. We can help you shape your questions, identify relevant information, and get started writing, creating, documenting or building your next project. In partnership with student NINJAs we are also available for consultations about documentation and media production. 

Faculty! Why should you meet with us? Starting a new research project? Worried about life without your alma-mater's vast and varied subscriptions? Frustrated about paywalls, looking to add more open educational resources (OER) to your class? We can help you navigate the changing scholarly and curricular information landscape, and you can help inform some of our collection and subscription decisions.

Discussions about a library course visit or other curricular integration require more time - plan for at least 60 minutes.

To schedule any type of consultation, please email with as much of the following information as you can muster. If you don't have this information at the time you realize you want to meet, that's okay, but it will help to have it ready when we do meet.

  • A few dates/time that work for you
  • A project description - this can include a few written sentences of what you'd like to talk about or be the text of a specific course assignment
  • Affiliated course (if applicable)
  • Who will attend the meeting
  • If a research/search project - a collection of known sources and where you have looked already
  • Any specific questions, challenges, or opportunities relative to the project or topic that we can consider ahead of time