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The Sound Studio

This is a collection of resources, instructions, and policies regarding the recording studio in the Olin College of Engineering Library.

The Sound Studio (formerly known as the Community DOCLAB) is a multi-year experiment looking at ways the library can help Olin students develop their communication skills, build a portfolio and create materials that are impactful in the transformation of engineering education by engaging others in the Olin story.

Currently, the Studio has taken the form of a recording studio in the lower level of the Library in Milas Hall. This room is equipped with professional audio recording gear, a cozy atmosphere, and sound dampening panels on the walls to create the right atmosphere for conversation, reflection, and personal storytelling, and high-fidelity recording.

In practice, we hope the community uses this room how they see fit, so please send suggestions, feedback, and ideas for how to continue the experiment to

Book a time in the Sound Studio:

View our document of useful audio-related resources: Sound Studio Useful Links document

Join the #Sound_Studio Slack channel:

Olin Community Audio Archives

We are excited to share with you the Olin Community Audio Archives! This online drive is designed to be a space for the individuals of our audio community (those who use the Sound Studio, who make music, who record podcasts or conversations, who capture field recordings, or who express themselves otherwise through the audio medium) to share their work and collaborate.

The Archives can be viewed by following this link: Reach out to Sound Studio staff for direct edit access (we're happy to share it, just don't want to make the link publicly accessible).


Training is required to use The Sound Studio space or equipment. To set up a training, email or reach out to one of the Sound Studio NINJAs. Please include:

  • Your Name
  • At least three 1 hour time periods that you are available for initial training
  • Project details
  • Affiliated Course (if applicable)
  • Your experience with audio recording

Sound Studio Orientation training

Basic training for using the recording equipment takes about 1 hour. This training will cover rules and expectations for using the room and the gear, troubleshooting tips, and an explanation of all default settings. At the end of the training, you should be able to get setup and recording on your own in less than 5 minutes!

Please go through the Orientation Worksheet (linked in Documentation), before your in person training session

Post-Production Training

Training on audio-production workflows, including editing and sourcing sounds, is available upon request. This one-on-one training will focus on a particular Digital Audio Workstation (such as Audacity, Adobe Audition, or FL Studio)

If you are interested, check out the Post-Production Worksheet (linked in Documentation) for more information

Field Recording Workshop

During the Fall'19 semester, we began to experiment with a workshop format to teach students how to use the library's various field recording equipment. If you are interested in learning about this equipment either in a one-on-one session or through a NINJA-led workshop, reach out to or one of the NINJAs


The Sound Studio team