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The Sound Studio

This is a collection of resources, instructions, and policies regarding the recording studio in the Olin College of Engineering Library.

Top View

This image provides a general overview of the RODECaster Pro's features. Most of these labeled features control audial outputs. 

Rear View

This image provides a general overview of the RODECaster's inputs. 

Navigating the Touchscreen Menu

The touchscreen menu offers numerous features, but the main ones you will likely use in a typical recording are levels, playback, and podcast transfer mode. 

Levels Map

Note: You may also directly access a channel's level by hitting its corresponding button above its fader but going through this process allows you to access other audial enhancing features. 

Playback Map

Here you can access your most recent recording. Make sure to delete it once you download it to your device and are finished! There is limited space on the microSD, so you want to make sure there is space for the next person to record. 

Podcast Transfer Mode Map

You can transfer your podcast directly to the mac we have available and then upload it to your personal laptop using our provided microSD adapter (please be sure to return it and not take it with you) or you can directly upload it to your laptop. 

Channel Labels

The RODECaster has 14 channels which are diagramed below. The inputs with two numbers (a left and right) are recorded in stereo.