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The Sound Studio

This is a collection of resources, instructions, and policies regarding the recording studio in the Olin College of Engineering Library.

Default Settings

headphone settings.jpg








Headphone Routing





For both ears you can select what you hear from each input channel. The options are to hear the audio PreFader, PostFader, or not at all.  Generally, you want everything set to Postfader.









Rec to SD1 or Rec to SD2








There are two SD cards in the left side of the recorder. The settings are determined based on your use of the audio and/or your desire to live mix or customize headphone output.


If you do not want to edit the audio afterwards or it is a single microphone recording:

  • SD1 Setting - Polywave
  • SD2 Setting - L/R Polywave. The L/R channel is a composite mix that will mix the different inputs into a single file

If you plan on editing individual audio tracks afterwards:

  • SD1 Setting - Polywave
  • SD2 Setting - Backup of Polywave