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Specialized Searches

Search Options

Over time, we will populate this area with details about advanced search options across our electronic resources. For now, we have information about the search on the home page of the library - known as the cross-platform search - and the library catalog.

Cross-Platform Search

The search on the homepage searches across library holdings - including the local collection, course reserves, the archive, and our subscriptions - down to the article and chapter level for journals and eBooks. Though we are tempted to say it searches "everything," in reality it searches 80-90% of what you have access to through our subscriptions and some open access databases. The default search is 'keyword' but you can also search for author or title of the book or article from the homepage.

More advanced search options are available within the system after you conduct an initial search.

The results will show real-time availability and call numbers for all books, CDs, DVDs and tools in the catalog. If we have both an eBook and a physical copy, they should display as one item - view the blue links for detailed information.

By default, there is a filter that limits the initial search to only items that you have access to via our subscriptions, some limited open access resources, government publications, and/or that is physically located in the library. You can remove that filter to conduct a larger search across more articles or eBooks.

For example, we subscribe to a collection of journals from Science Direct that cover the health and life sciences, physical sciences and social and behavioral sciences. If you uncheck the "Olin Has it" box, you will search across all of Science Direct. If something is outside of our subscription, there will be a link to submit and interlibrary loan request.

screenshot of ill form link in ebscoeds

If you still don't find what you are looking for, there is a link to search worldwide libraries - Worldcat - at the top right of the page.

The cross-platform search is not a full text search of all books in the collection. For that, you should go directly to the specific database that closely matches the subjects you are researching. To review our databases, see the A to Z database list. 

In order to view eBooks and use other features, like folders, you will need to create an account. For information on how to do this, see Library Accounts.

The Library Catalog - TIND

Our catalog - TIND - is limited to items that are physically located in the library or that we own in perpetuity. It is also where you will be able to see the books, CDs, DVDs and tools that you have checked out. 

Search Tips

Boolean operators work but must be in ALL CAPS.

A fun way to browse the catalog is to look at the newest items added with this search.

For information about your account, see Library Accounts.