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Collection & Accounts Overview

Reserves Procedure

Course Reserves must include all required books and media. Faculty can also choose to include suggested readings.

Faculty Process

Reserves requests are accepted at any time throughout the year. The Library will send out an initial call for Reserves 1 month before the start of each semester. Reserves lists are due 2 weeks before the start of each semester.

This ensures that the Library will have enough time to locate, purchase, process and shelve the books before classes begin. Requests made after the due date will take longer to arrive on the Reserves Shelf, due to the other start-of-semester tasks.

Electronic Copies: The Library purchases physical copies of all required texts, but will consider purchasing eBook copies based on circumstances. Please reach out to us if you would like both formats for your course.

Personal Copies: Faculty are welcome to place any personal copies on reserve, and pick them up at the end of the semester.

Turnaround times to arrival on Reserves Shelf:

Library-owned materials: 3-5 days

New purchases:

  • Books/DVDs/CDs: 2 weeks
  • eBooks: 24 hours - 2 months (pending publisher agreements)
  • Tools & Equipment: please speak to us ahead of time, ideally the semester prior to teaching your course, or during course development

Using Course Reserves

List of current and previous Course Reserves


The Reserves Shelf is located on the upper level of the Library. The loan period for any reserve item is 3 hours, unless otherwise indicated on the label.


Sign out items using the form on top of the Reserves Shelf. When you return your item, sign it back in and reshelve it in its proper course section