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Strategic Planning & User Experience Design in the Library

Grab your Post-Its

"Ideation is about generating ideas and making them tangible."
- IDEO, Design Thinking for Libraries


At the front door of the library (near the main Milas Hall entrance), we've set up a place for you to share your hopes, dreams, complaints, and suggestions for making our space meet your needs.

We've divided it up into three sections for you to fill in the blanks:




Don't be afraid of wishing for impossible things, being silly, or hurting our feelings. We want your honesty and your inspiration.

If you'd prefer to share your ideas with us privately, that's OK, too! Come talk to us or send an email.

What's an example of something new we might try?

Here are some questions that come to mind:

  • What might we do to make ourselves more accessible to you when you need our help? Is email the best way to communicate online, or would the immediacy of something like Slack work better for you?
  • Are there other machines or tools you'd like to see us offer in our collaborative spaces?
  • How might we add more signage and wayfinding/directions in the library to help you use our collections and our spaces more easily?
  • Library resources can be challenging to use, especially if you haven't had experience with our search systems (like the catalog and our electronic databases) for a while. How can we make finding information more effortless and appealing for you?