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Strategic Planning & User Experience Design in the Library

Beginner's mind

"Inspiration is about framing a design challenge and discovering new perspectives on the opportunity."
- IDEO, Design Thinking for Libraries
"Try this: walk around your library and ask yourself why things are the way they are. Why is the circulation desk set up the way it is? Why is the reference collection where it is? Why are the recycling bins where they are? We bet that the answer to most of the questions you ask yourself will be, 'Because that's the way it's evolved.'"
- Aaron Schmidt and Amanda Etches in Useful, Usable, Desirable

Just because we've always done something one way doesn't mean we have to keep doing it that way. Whether you're new or a veteran user of our space, your perspective matters to us and we want to hear how we can do better.

Ideas are everywhere; complaining is OK

Idea box

Let's say you - student, staff, faculty member, public guest, whoever "you" may be - have a great idea for a new service or space in the library. The noise levels are getting to you (it's too loud OR it's too quiet) or you can't find something on the website. You read about something another library is doing -- or Starbucks, or Barnes & Noble. Tell us about it. We can try our best to fix things that don't work (or try new things in general!).