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This guide features samples and guides for resumes, cover letters, interviews, and more. Questions? Schedule a meeting with PGP through Handshake.

About Us


The Office of Post-Graduate Planning assists students and alumni in their journey to enrich their educational experiences, careers and lives in order to make lifelong contributions to society. Our career center helps identify meaningful research, internship, scholarship, fellowship, professional and graduate school opportunities.

Get in contact with PGP by emailing or schedule a meeting with us on Handshake!

What is Handshake?

Handshake is PGPs platform for posting events, scheduling meetings, reviewing resumes, and more! As a student, you can use Handshake to:

  • register for events, including Olin Career Fairs
  • attend events (if hosted virtual on handshake)
  • schedule a meeting with PGP
  • find and apply for jobs
  • chat with recruiters
  • host a profile including your resume

Go to to login to your profile and check out more Handshake resources here on libguides!

Contact PGP

PGP Advisors

For quick questions or in-depth career and grad school discussions, make an appointment with an advisor on Handshake, our career platform!


Kristin Casasanto, Director, Post Graduate Planning

Suzanne Alcott, Assistant Director for Employer and Student Engagement

Courtney Beach, Assistant Director for International and Post Graduate Programs


Peer Career Advisors

PGP also has Peer Career Advisors (PCAs), student workers who can offer advice on resumes, cover letters, portfolios, and more! Our PCAs are always happy to answer questions, review a resume, or schedule a quick meeting over email or a messaging platform. PCAs host recurring office hours for some parts of the year and you can always reach out to individual PCAs to schedule a meeting.

Alex Mineeva, Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2027

Carter Harris, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Class of 2026


PCA Office Hours

Tuesdays 4 - 5pm, Dining Hall Mezz - Alex Mineeva

Sundays 3:30 - 5pm, Library LL - Carter Harris


(Email us at or to request more/different hours!)


Schedule a Meeting through Handshake

To schedule a meeting with PGP through Handshake, go to or navigate to 'Career Center' -> 'Appointments' and select 'Schedule a New Appointment'. Follow the prompts to choose your school year and select what type of meeting you want to schedule. If you are unsure what to choose, you can always select the general 'PGP Advice' appointment.

Once you've filled out the appointment information and scheduled the appointment, the status of your appointment will be 'Pending' until the appointment staff member confirms the appointment. You'll receive an email notification when the appointment is approved and a reminder email a day before the appointment. If we need to cancel an appointment or can't approve an appointment for any reason, you'll receive an email notification from Handshake to reschedule. Unless that happens you can assume your appointment is happening, even if the status is still pending.

Featured Articles

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Inspired by articles from MIT and Tufts Career Centers, this page gives explicit tips for before, during, and after the career fair.

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Getting your resume ready for career fair? See this Handshake Help Center article to learn how to upload documents to your profile.

Are Rotational Programs the Right Fit for You?

A rotational program invites new grads as paid, full-time employees for one to two years (depending on the program) to join a company and rotate through departments and projects across different disciplines.

Resume Tips from PGP

Spiff up your resume for the upcoming career fair using our resume resources!

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