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This guide features samples and guides for resumes, cover letters, interviews, and more. Questions? Schedule a meeting with PGP through Handshake.

Recruiting Guidelines for the Olin Community

PGP Recruitment Guidelines

The Office of Post-Graduate Planning works closely with students and alumni in making connections with cutting edge industry partners, entrepreneurs, graduate school institutions and organizations where they can make a difference in the world. Through internships and research experiences, students attain real-world experience, gain valuable skills and find the place where passion meets profession. The PGP office presents programs that involve graduate school discussions with faculty and alumni, workshops on interview prep, portfolios and LinkedIn profiles, and personalized job search and graduate school counseling. Students and alumni are exposed to fellowships and scholarships, and are coached on how to present the strongest applications.

A fundamental element of Olin’s culture is trust. As such, our Honor Code requires all members of the Olin community to conduct themselves with honor and integrity. Our code, drawn from a few core values, consists of a set of intentionally broad standards by which every action must be measured.

Three of these values — integrity, respect for others and passion for the welfare of the college — are critical to maintaining our individual and community reputations through interactions with corporate partners of Olin, as well as with graduate school programs and professional societies.

Students participating in the recruiting process through the Office of Post-Graduate Planning (PGP) must adhere to the following guidelines

  • Students will review and sign the Code of Professionalism, available in our office and during the PGP portion of OFYI.
  • Students will present a truthful, unembellished resume.
  • Students accepting an interview (on campus or at the company’s facility) will attend it and will be prepared. They will dress appropriately and professionally, research the background of the company and conduct themselves in a respectful manner. They will respond to all interview questions with integrity.
  • Students will send a thank you note after each interview (phone or in-person), to each person they speak with.
  • Students will not accept an offer of employment until they have considered the decision carefully. Once they have accepted an offer, either for an internship or a full time position, they will honor that commitment and not conduct interviews with other employers, speak with other employers about an imminent position, or accept another company’s offer of employment.
  • Students will not share salary information without consent from employers.

Each student is expected to sign this Code of Professionalism at the start of their First Year at Olin. Any infringement of this code will result in a discussion with the Director of Post-Graduate Planning, an apology to the impacted company, school or association representative, and suspension of the student's Handshake account until all remedies are met. 

Olin's Student Recruiting Guidelines can also be found in the Student Handbook.
Olin's Employer Recruiting Guidelines can be found here