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Library Cameras

A guide to the cameras and A/V equipment we have at the Olin College Library.

Raya 42" 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector Disc

Set of 5 circular light reflectors for manipulating light when taking photos. They are flexible, easy to store, and transportable. They are good for portraits and still life set up.

White: neutral soft reflection

Silver: neutral color balance with higher contrast

Gold: reflects warmer light, good for skin tones

Black: blocks unwanted reflection

Translucent diffuser: lightens light power creating a softer light source


1. Make sure all of the reflectors get returned into the bag and neatly stored away


Huion LED Light Pad L4S

Thin, light drawing pad that is back lit with eye protected LED lights. You can adjust the brightness freely and charges through USB. Ihe drawing surface fits a A4 sided paper and is 12x8 inches overall. Some uses include: negative film viewing, calligraphy, transferring designs, iterative drawing etc.

Quick Start:

1. Plug in usb cord and turn on light pad
2. Place your papers in the surface and adjust the brightness 
3. Tip: Turn off overhead lights for thicker paper to see lines shine through on thicker paper. 

External DVD Drive

External drive for DVD with a USB connection. Uses: watch movies, play CDs, copy files, backup data, burn files etc.

Quick Start:

1. Plug in USB cable (attached) to computer, you should see a green light on an edge panel
2. Press rectangle button next to green light to open
3. Place cd in tray and gently push it back into the main body
4. Press rectangle button to eject CD, remove disk, and push try back in



1. Make sure you have removed the CD that you last put in
2. Unplug and put USB chord back in its place on the back of the drive

Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories at the Olin College Library