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Library Cameras

A guide to the cameras and A/V equipment we have at the Olin College Library.

Lumix GH5

Quick Start:

1. Insert charged battery and SD card(s)
2. Turn on the power and set the mode dial to iA (intelligence auto)
NOTE: in order to change the mode, you must push down on the button at its center to allow it to turn
3. Switch the display to LCD 
3. Press the motion picture button to start recording
5. Press the motion picture button again to stop recording


Additional References from the User Manual

Body Parts p.16-17

Attaching/Detaching Lens p.36

Modes p.44


Technical Skills:

  • Focus: Depending on whether your subject is moving, you may want different autofocus modes.
    • Autofocus Single (AFS)
    • Autofocus Continuous (AFC)
  • Custom Settings: Save settings so that you can keep them constant while working on a project (video)
  • Setting up for filming: Video walkthrough for starting video capture (video)


user guide: