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Library Cameras

A guide to the cameras and A/V equipment we have at the Olin College Library.

Canon Rebel t5i

Quick Start:

1. Insert charged battery and SD card
2. Switch lens to AF (auto focus)
3. Turn the power switch to ON and turn the mode dial to [A] (auto)
4. Look through the view finder or on the LCD screen and point at your subject
5. Half click the shutter button to focus on your subject
6. Fully press the shutter button to take a photo
7. Press the playback button (rectangle with a triangle) to view photos that you have taken


Additional References from the User Manual:

Quick Start Guide p.18-19

Shooting Settings p.22

Body Parts p.20-21

Mode Dial p.24

Attaching/detaching Lens p.39


user manual:

quick reference guide:

additional references: